Haley Pham

Haley Pham
Haley Pham

The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • with love, k
    with love, k

    I’ve been watching your vlog ever since you were younger (I’m finally using my new account where I have my own channel now yey!) and I must say that I’ve always loved how you’re so true to everything you do. And I love you for that 🥺💜💜 I really wish you the best!!! Please take careee

  • Emma P
    Emma P

    Please try the Venus pubic hair razor 🥺🥺🥺

  • Katyayani

    have you tried using an epilator, ive been thinking of getting one for my upper lip area

  • Faith A
    Faith A

    I thought she was gonna use the first machine to thread down there 👀👀🥸

  • alix monette
    alix monette

    On one side I’m glad you found something that works but on the other I’m sad that these series will end because that’s how I found your channel many years ago ! 😋

  • Chl 6
    Chl 6

    you should test the venus gelette bikini shave line

  • Ally S
    Ally S

    The bathtub angle was super trippy, kinda loved it and hated it at the same time😂

  • Normajean Penrod
    Normajean Penrod

    Love the hair 🤠

  • rai

    women aren’t the only people with vaginas!!!! enough with the cisnormativity.

  • Shadow Falcon
    Shadow Falcon


  • Wawa

    Haley!!! You didn’t take us through your hair journey!

  • ifeoma

    this video was hilarious 😂😂 i was kind of weird seeing you without the blonde but still beautiful 😍❤️

  • Aaliyah RawlsJames
    Aaliyah RawlsJames

    Is nobody gonna talk about the tattoos? 😳

  • Sean Olivieri
    Sean Olivieri

    Whenever i'm feeling down i just pop on one of yours or ryans videos... honestly it gives me so much hope. You guys so chill together 😂

  • Mandii Miraa
    Mandii Miraa


  • Mandii Miraa
    Mandii Miraa

    WHAT!!! Hair change since when??

  • Pro Create
    Pro Create

    Are they real tattoos

  • Maggie Baker
    Maggie Baker

    the instructions on that thing is giving me indian fact genius vibes lol

  • Kaitlyn Coile
    Kaitlyn Coile

    Your hair is soooo cuteeee and it really makes me want to cut my hair short again!😂😂

  • alexandra delgado
    alexandra delgado

    aww haley i love your hair it reminds me of 2019💝💝

  • Amethyst Carter
    Amethyst Carter

    Wow! Gotta try this

  • Taylor Tritsch
    Taylor Tritsch

    Tend skin completely got rid of my razor bumps!

  • Taylor Tritsch
    Taylor Tritsch

    Girl seriously try the Kenzzi!! It’s amazing

  • Kyla Michelle
    Kyla Michelle

    i’ve been here since before the very FIRST hair removal video… i feel ELITE

  • lilly valley
    lilly valley

    I honestly thought she would’ve just gotten laser by now 😂

  • Wolfyia

    I just finished a book called after the fire and it’s one of my absolute favorite books. It’s a long book with a dark plot and heavy topics, but holy it’s so well written and I’m in love. It’s definitely not for everyone though-

  • Sarah Weese
    Sarah Weese

    the way i subscribed from the original shaving videos and here we are in 2021

  • kea x
    kea x

    Haley's hair (and her channel now) reminds me of when I first started watching her channel lol love it

  • Neva Nalder
    Neva Nalder

    Is that tattoo real ??

  • Lydia Jackson
    Lydia Jackson

    Did Haley get real tattoos

  • AnnaJ

    honestly i’m surprised you haven’t just lasered it off at this point

  • Disney Nerd
    Disney Nerd

    Oop that tattoo on your hand tho 👀 it’s super cute- is it temp or permanent?

  • abby gorl
    abby gorl

    love the new hair 😍😍😍

  • Moriah Richter
    Moriah Richter

    I found you from your first hair removal video 😅😅 been here ever since!! Thanks for taking the bullet for us

  • L94

    i envy women in Africa , they don't even care about body hair ... it's a normal thing to them :/

  • Me Me
    Me Me


  • Elise99ashby Ashby
    Elise99ashby Ashby

    Your first hair removal down there video is how I found you!!

  • olivia

    Try an epilator!! The hair just has to be a few millimeters to be removed. Much more convenient than waxing

    • olivia

      @EV numbing cream really helps ease the pain tbh. Also, it’s easier to do it if you wax before and then epilate once the hairs start growing out :)

    • EV

      You mean using an epilator for your pubic hair? Damn you must have high pain tolerance 🥲 armpits and legs are enough for me, can't imagine the torture from epilating bikini area

  • Abstrø

    your hair looks so pretty

  • blank kids
    blank kids

    When did Haley get more tattoos

    • blank kids
      blank kids

      @Lo En ohh that make sense lol thanks

    • Lo En
      Lo En

      They are temporary ones :)

  • Katelynn

    Haley: yeah it was super expensive for a razor Also Haley: *drops it on the floor two seconds later* That’s literally me 😂😂😂

  • Shez Meister
    Shez Meister

    my skin everywhere is so sensitive that when i shave the pain lasts a lot longer than the smoothness. so i will always be a wax type of girl because it's five hours of pain vs a week and i would rather take the 5 hours.

  • Johnny GT-CA13
    Johnny GT-CA13

    You're a Bop

  • Casey Samaroo
    Casey Samaroo

    These kind of videos are fun

  • lulu :p
    lulu :p

    hi bestie

  • jayleen soler
    jayleen soler

    i love these videos, i’ve been here for like 5 years watching you queen 😭💗

  • Jacky Tran
    Jacky Tran

    Haley: "testing hair removal life hacks from tiktok."

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie

    can you do a video on how you style your hair? a couple days ago i went and got my hair cut and i showed my stylist your hair as my inspiration pic and so i would love to see how you style your hair cuz im struggling haha!

  • Kaelyn Lael
    Kaelyn Lael

    it feels like you’ve come full circle. this is incredibly nostalgic

  • laiken bertrand
    laiken bertrand

    haley you’re such a vibe can we plz be friends🥺🥺🥺

  • Mafee Rinta
    Mafee Rinta

    Where did you get your tattoos from?

    • Jess Avery
      Jess Avery

      they are temporary ink box tattoos :)

  • Abigail Jones
    Abigail Jones


  • symphonieeeee

    i’m not sure if you’ve tried it yet but there’s that at home laser hair removal device that a ton of influencers have been using so i’d love to see you try it and say if it works for you or not!! i’ve seen them use it on their face & and their bikini area and get good results!

    • sheridan berkenpas
      sheridan berkenpas

      I've tried this it actually works so well!!

    • Jessica Ripko
      Jessica Ripko

      Yeah I’m curious too because they are almost all of them are sponsored

  • Faith Carolann
    Faith Carolann

    i love you haley <3

  • Tata Bedukadze
    Tata Bedukadze

    I didn’t know if I could get motivated to shave what the heck u are the best Haley

  • Kayla Harris
    Kayla Harris

    Thank you for taking a bullet for us ladies! I know I couldn’t film these moments 🤣

  • Nimdinu Thilakarathna
    Nimdinu Thilakarathna

    I am sri lankan , I like your videos very much

  • Alisha Rachael
    Alisha Rachael

    Haley bringing it back with the viral hair removal series hahahha <3

  • paloma kamamoto
    paloma kamamoto

    omg ur hair looks so good!

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez

    "Just sitting in the silence ... In the bathtub and your there, anyways carry on .. Just a floating head" 😂 love that LOL. I LOVE your hair 💓.

  • Lyric Walker
    Lyric Walker

    not Haley doing her viral “hobby” lol😌

  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia

    The threading machine looks like a weird cheap toy from my childhood😂

  • Ghadeer 42
    Ghadeer 42

    Do waxing all your body than do hair Laser

  • Tessa Clare
    Tessa Clare

    omg wait girl please try sugaring sometime! its organic, less painful than waxing, exfoliates your skin, you dont need to heat it up, ETC!!! my fav hair removal method!

  • Reagan Moss
    Reagan Moss

    Best way to spend a sick day is to watch Haley

  • Rori Beth
    Rori Beth

    wow love the hair ! <3 such a big fan

  • Charis Tomb
    Charis Tomb

    The fact that I've been watching since before the og hair removal series make me feel like I'm part of an elite squad -

    • Zaria


    • mica ortiz
      mica ortiz


    • Kennedy Cummings
      Kennedy Cummings

      literally same

    • Sophia Grace
      Sophia Grace


    • Eisha Tauqeer
      Eisha Tauqeer

      Omg same

  • Tessa Clare
    Tessa Clare

    came to watch something while i eat and ur vid is just posted yayyyy

  • Tata Bedukadze
    Tata Bedukadze

    can u pls do a reading vlog?

  • Mightywwf ELL
    Mightywwf ELL

    Since I looked at tik tok and became a BTS fan I bought 11 albums. I am finally slowing down.

  • Siena H
    Siena H

    i love the butterfly hand tattoo on you! :)

  • Leah Redwine
    Leah Redwine

    Y’all this is wild… I feel like 2018/19 Hailey is making a massive comeback.

  • Toshali Pandarbale
    Toshali Pandarbale

    OMG I love you sm. Your hair looks so great, 😭😭💗

  • Isabel Peirce
    Isabel Peirce

    This hair 😍

  • Hannah J Beck
    Hannah J Beck

    i love how i watch your videos and i literally just feel like we’re friends !!

  • Kazi Samir
    Kazi Samir

    Ahh yes, back to the root problems (& videos) 😁😁😁

  • K L
    K L

    Loving your darker hair Haley!🖤🖤🖤