Haley Pham

Haley Pham
Haley Pham

The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • Shelby Robertson
    Shelby Robertson

    We love Haley's mom :) she's so sweet <3³

  • Jiah May
    Jiah May

    Awwwweeee mama pham is a cutie 😊

  • Veronica Fuquen
    Veronica Fuquen

    this video is so wholesome i love it 🥺💗

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole

    Is no one going to talk about Haley going blonde 🤯

  • Shatha Sajid
    Shatha Sajid

    Your mother is such a great person

  • Amy

    Dude your mum is so cool. She seems like the best oh my gosh

  • Mariarry

    Your mom is so sweet 🥺

  • Cleo A
    Cleo A

    Part of me hates to be this person... but I am kind of surprised by the un-Christian response to the "not ending up straight" question. Like of course she would be so happy if she was lesbian but wasn't hurting others or anything, but isn't that still cause for concern from a Biblical perspective? I mean, the Bible teaches that homosexuality does not align with Moral Law. Why would she not at least pray about it, be concerned, etc? Of course she would love Haley like she would a straight child, but they just answered the question so darn flippantly for a pair of Christians.

  • Fatima Frias
    Fatima Frias

    Your mom's hair twirls 🥺🥰

  • Damanique Frees
    Damanique Frees

    Okay she said that she's bleaching her hair after the wedding, and she already booked the appointment.. Soo wedding coming sooner than we thought?

  • Ashalia .s
    Ashalia .s

    PLEASE START A RSloft!!!! Ahhhhhhh ❤️

  • Alliah Cabradilla
    Alliah Cabradilla

    haley's mom just look exactly like her in certain angles, and honestly i think she's still a teenager inside <3

  • TaylorW98

    Your mum is the best!! She’s so cool and sweet and nice and I bet she has the best sense of humour too! 🥺😭💖

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith

    This is so cute

  • Gabrielle Johannes
    Gabrielle Johannes

    soooo cute

  • Audrey Fowler
    Audrey Fowler

    Hands down one of my fave Q&A s

  • Annamarie Wagner
    Annamarie Wagner


  • Phoebe Mortensen
    Phoebe Mortensen

    This video was so adorable your mom is hilarious and your relationship you have with her is awesome <3

  • Nat Diane
    Nat Diane

    This was thee best video!

  • hannah spencer
    hannah spencer

    imagine having healthy parental relationships

  • Eboni De Jesus
    Eboni De Jesus

    her mom is so cute sh is so genuine :)

  • Kennedy Compton
    Kennedy Compton

    your mom is the cutest person ever omg and she has the prettiest hair, it’s so shiny and soft looking 🥺❤️

  • Charlie Munch
    Charlie Munch

    Your mom is my new mentor❤️

  • Riley

    this is so wholesome

  • Evalyn Lee
    Evalyn Lee

    this video reminds me so much of like my purpose because the fact that ur mom wanted to have a kid and haley was her best decision makes me so happy because it’s a reminder someone really wants you to be on this earth even if u feel like it’s not ur parents someone out in the world wants you to exist maybe u haven’t met them yet but that’s the point to meet the person who relies on ur existence and is grateful for it

  • syd rawlings
    syd rawlings

    ugh her moms voice is so freaking cute I love it!! she is so supportive of you I love her outlook about marriage.. it’s so true! haley you would look great w/ the minimalist style tattoo I have a few and love them!! this was one of my favorite videos of yours🥺❤️

  • Evalyn Lee
    Evalyn Lee

    i screamed AWWWW because this is so heartwarming

  • Addy Gallifent
    Addy Gallifent

    I would totally watch your moms RSloft channel!! She should totally make one!!

  • ria sharma
    ria sharma

    i clicked faster than james charles could say ‘hi sisters!’ ps. a small youtuber xx

  • Kate Div
    Kate Div

    I love your mum.

  • Bri Mae
    Bri Mae


  • Emma Green
    Emma Green

    Your mom telling the story about her parents is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard ❤️

  • Kaitlyn Chartrand
    Kaitlyn Chartrand

    Your mom telling stories from her childhood was the cutest thing ever!

  • Nathalie G
    Nathalie G

    Haley’s mom is our mom now❤️

  • chance m
    chance m

    Your mom is gorgeous and SO cute and y'alls relationship is amazing!

  • Elissa H
    Elissa H

    Where is that SHIRT FROM OMGGG

  • doo chow
    doo chow

    She is such a good mom 🥰

  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    I love when Haley’s Mom is in her videos!!

  • Madhu T
    Madhu T

    Personally I m waiting because I believe sex as a beautiful way to connect 2 souls together, making them feel close which can create a life . I just hate how society has normalize sex. Also i really think that there is so much more than sex in a marriage . I like to think of it as a sundae. (To create a sundae you need bowel, icecream , toppings , cherry). Now if you use the cherry as the bowel than lol. Cheating, heartbreak, single mom, divorce, i could go on. I would rather experiment everything and anything with 1 guy than 10+. (plus my mother won't kill me:D).

  • Maria parks
    Maria parks

    Is it just me or was I the only one watching the dog running around the whole time? 💀

  • Kate Adam
    Kate Adam

    Omg!! I could not stop looking at Spock in the background! So cute! What type of dog is he? I want a dog like him when I’m older. ilysm!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    “Love is not romantic all the time.” -‘Mama Pham’ This is so important to know. Love isn’t just a feeling.

  • Savann Sun
    Savann Sun

    Okay the the title of the vid is the last 2 mins.

  • olivialagunx

    ayooo my tattoo is done by girlknewyork! shes great

  • Kassidy Olsen
    Kassidy Olsen

    this video is actually so good lol

  • Sarah Wyatt
    Sarah Wyatt

    her accent ❤️❤️

  • Addi D
    Addi D

    Yess you’re mom so needs a channel....!!!!!! Yes

  • Hannah Polston
    Hannah Polston

    The way she plays with her hair is so cute 😭🥰

  • Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott

    She’s so sweet but really funny too😂❤️

  • Ella Bleu
    Ella Bleu

    My mom had me at 39 too! We have such a similar relationship to you guys.

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez


  • Madhu T
    Madhu T

    Your not having sex before marriage.? Thank god I m not the only one 😅

  • Katiekat 3044
    Katiekat 3044

    Yeah, my mom had me at 39 as well and my manager's mom and dad are the same age as my parents. She has like 4 kids and is 32, I'm 16 and in high school...😂

  • Mightywwf ELL
    Mightywwf ELL

    I love that your mom is honest and sweet.

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose

    can mama pham adopt me

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez

    omgg haleys mom is so cuteeeee

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez

    ok haleys mom needs to be protected AT ALL COSTS

  • 2striplj

    Well, I gotta vote soon. I’m a citizen and that is a duty. March on!

  • caroline s
    caroline s

    "is it uncomfortable being finacially supported by your daughter?" "hmm i think its like i just won the lotery-" "HAHAHAHDFHAHHAHNFKJAHAH" <<<one of my favorite moments

  • brenna elgin
    brenna elgin

    she’s an angel😭😭😭

  • mango asmr
    mango asmr

    I would love to see more videos with your mom !

  • Carrigan Currier
    Carrigan Currier

    I wanna steal your mommy😂like can I just borrow her every once in a while?

  • Leila Lunn
    Leila Lunn

    I would love if your mom made her own RSloft channel!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jessica Machado
    Jessica Machado

    Spock is a really happy boy. Just look at him and his tail

  • Exodus

    I get so annoyed when people always ask her about her virginity, like stfu 🙄

  • Elena Lauren
    Elena Lauren


  • Kassey Simpson
    Kassey Simpson

    This was literally the BEST video ever! I laughed so much and I love you so much!

  • Macy Jarzyna
    Macy Jarzyna

    I love your mom! She's so cute, and was giving great advice. She always has the best mood. And your relationship in incredible. I loved how for each question she gave a nice answer and had a little story to go along with it. She's awesome!! ❤

  • Louise Ramirez
    Louise Ramirez

    mama Pham twirling her hair and talking all flirty abt ryan was so adorable 😂❤️

  • Louise Ramirez
    Louise Ramirez

    i love my mom but i also wanna mama pham ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson

    Pham abused her own fam

  • Lisa Zhong
    Lisa Zhong

    your mom is so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Siena Palmisano
    Siena Palmisano

    Her mom is parenting goals

  • Camille H
    Camille H

    omg i love this video so much!! can ur mom adopt me ahah ily guys<3

  • briana ramirez
    briana ramirez

    i love ur mom soooo much she reminds me of my mom 🥺 she’s such a beautiful woman !

  • paula beltran
    paula beltran

    Omg haley’s mom is the cutest for real i love her

  • Angie Rodrigues
    Angie Rodrigues

    Haley’s mom has such a wonderful kind soul🥺 love you guys

  • Jamila Scales
    Jamila Scales

    This was such a good video

  • Gretchen Veldkamp
    Gretchen Veldkamp

    You both are incredibly beautiful. After watching you for years, I’m so proud of you.

  • Magic Manticore
    Magic Manticore

    Mother, I’d like to inform you that I was crying, that will be all.