Haley Pham

Haley Pham
Haley Pham

The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • Kimi Kioto
    Kimi Kioto


  • astrid

    can someone explain i dint wanna watch

  • Katherine 906
    Katherine 906

    What a shame

  • Haylee Haarr
    Haylee Haarr

    Haley and Ryan, congratulations on your wedding! I’m so excited for you guys! Good job for not putting your life on pause and doing what was needed! Don’t feel bad for getting married, be excited to share it!

  • Anyway here’s wonderwall
    Anyway here’s wonderwall

    you knew what you were doing you put people at risk for a party... literally think about that you’re selfish

  • Anyway here’s wonderwall
    Anyway here’s wonderwall

    y’all are so disappointing

  • Pam


  • chhhangggee !
    chhhangggee !

    This sounds so fake to me

  • Laikyn Ring
    Laikyn Ring

    This comment section ain’t it.

  • Samantha Rittenberg
    Samantha Rittenberg

    This is so funny to me because we’ve all known

  • Crow

    Don’t tell me y’all are canceling them over a WEDDING?

    • Anyway here’s wonderwall
      Anyway here’s wonderwall

      over putting peoples life’s at risk .. yes

  • Lilo Heinrich
    Lilo Heinrich

    Honestly yes this showed immaturity and made me like Haley less. But I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson now that their wedding memories will forever be tainted. I’m still going to keep watching her grow and learn though, I’m the exact same age and I’m sure I pridefully ignore my own character flaws too even if I haven’t made any big public mistakes

  • That Girl
    That Girl

    Fuck all y’all I would just make all my family members takes rona test then still have my wedding all y’all in the comments SWEAR y’all wouldn’t do the same. I know all y’all lying good bye

    • Anyway here’s wonderwall
      Anyway here’s wonderwall

      they didn’t do that .. girl


    People make mistakes

  • gottabelu

    and this is why people said y'all were too young to be getting married lmfaoooooo. how typical of christians to prioritize themselves over the general public tbh

  • Felicia Coble
    Felicia Coble

    You're married. You're happy. Why does anything else matter?

  • yatziry


  • elena

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  • Hailey Hernandez
    Hailey Hernandez

    Unsubbed for being selfish and not thinking of others health

  • i’m just me lol
    i’m just me lol

    Ryan’s apology seems really genuine and seems like he is actually sorry but hayley... like what was that

  • Jenna Kuziw
    Jenna Kuziw

    Sometimes you have to put yourself first.

  • Katie Yarborough
    Katie Yarborough

    These comments did not pass the vibe check. It's their life let them live it. Their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives and y'all are making them feel bad for getting married.

  • Tannia Chan, Sincerely an EXO-L & AROHA ᄉ_ᄉ
    Tannia Chan, Sincerely an EXO-L & AROHA ᄉ_ᄉ

    Y'all just wanted a nice wedding. I don't blame y'all

  • Paige P
    Paige P

    this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eva Maria
    Eva Maria

    is this a joke

  • Jennifer Janice
    Jennifer Janice

    You guys are very young. Remember there is no rush in life. Enjoy it as much as you can. Mistakes are always going to be made and we should learned from them, but the important thing is to try not to repeat them. I have seen your videos and you guys have grown as a person and you should be proud of what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish. As an advice, take time to think about priorities and be real with them. You guys are good people and deserve the best in the world.

  • Kayla Jeanes
    Kayla Jeanes

    First comment in a while

  • SabrinaGF

    I've seen people I know and people I don't know getting married and having wedding like yours since this year started and last year and I personally don't see it harmful as long as everyone who attended the wedding accepted that it is and was their responsibility and choice to go and then stay "safe" after. I mean, at the end each human being has a free will and I think past 18 or 19 you are capable enough of making your own choices. Even if you get v4ccin4ated it's not 100% sure you'll be safe so then, if they decided to have their wedding last year and people attended knowing exactly they could be at risk or not, it was their choice. People should stop being scared and instead eating healthy and having healthy lifestyles to start living in freedom again and not fear, yes, if you're actually healthy you should stop being afraid. And yes anyone can get the v1rus but also 99% of people recover from it so... Good for you guys, I hope you enjoyed your wedding!!

  • Childish Jonny Quest Barbie
    Childish Jonny Quest Barbie

    You not supposed to wear inappropriate fashion because wearing inappropriate fashion is not part of being professional.

  • lidiya syakirah
    lidiya syakirah

    I don’t understand what happened???? can someone explain

  • Riley Koester
    Riley Koester

    not this coming up on my recommended and i just realized that they were performing at the Performing Arts Center at my high school...

  • Dillon Calhoun
    Dillon Calhoun

    Who cares

  • Millikan Lam
    Millikan Lam

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  • Lauren Fitzgerald
    Lauren Fitzgerald

    I don't get rushing a wedding. Y'all are gonna spend the rest of your lives together anyways what's waiting 1 more year to make it official gonna do. Dont feel sorry and say how bad of a decision it was looking back. You both knew it was bad then but you didn't care. Im sure deep down you still don't

  • Rachel Yang
    Rachel Yang

    Yallll they got married in November. You can say whatever you want but it doesn’t change anything. They’re adults - of course they knew exactly what they were doing. At the end of the day, what’s done is done. Marriage is a beautiful blessing, cherish it! Don’t get so hung over someone else’s life you can’t control.✌🏼

  • Luckuss

    “I’ve honestly never worked with a square shaped room before” 😂

  • Jenny Wat
    Jenny Wat

    It sucks that this is how they’ll remember their wedding day :/

  • Kixi

    i meant to say not cool haley. my bad brosifina.

  • Kixi

    not cool ryan! not cool!!

  • Jaxen and Farah
    Jaxen and Farah

    Am I color blind or is she color blind because she said her bandanna is 🟧 but it looks 🟥 to me so please respond so I know if I'm color blind or she is

  • Mallorie Mooney
    Mallorie Mooney

    What’s crazy is this was posted exactly two years before they got married...

  • Laura H
    Laura H

    Fuck you

  • Rayna Vittrekwa
    Rayna Vittrekwa

    When you want to be an advocate for graduating high school and going to college, but you did neither??? I get not talking about your life experiences, but being an advocate is more than that, make it make sense. Advocation needs to be more from someone famous/dropped out, bc all we see is someone successful condoning dropping out in hs.

  • Jaqueline Aguilar
    Jaqueline Aguilar

    Girl you made a smart choice. Note and I quote Scotty - Jeep’s are not reliable and insanely overpriced 👀 Honda is so much superior because you get reliability and better gas per mile as well as reasonably priced car.

  • Lauren Massaro
    Lauren Massaro

    this was definitely their plan all along and the knew they’d have to make an apology video for it later but decided to risk thousands of people’s lives anyways just so they could get married??? it’s so selfish this apology sounds so fake y’all knew what u we’re doing

  • Kelly Ritz
    Kelly Ritz

    I love how y’all are being so petty, but you kids commenting are probably out doing dumb ass shit, when they just got married and had a wedding. They shouldn’t have to apologize.

  • Carly Kendall
    Carly Kendall

    how did people start finding out they got married??

  • Miscellaneous Other
    Miscellaneous Other

    There’s no need to apologize. We are each entitled to take the risks we want to.

  • Nadine Melger
    Nadine Melger

    Wait but why does the family channel had to go because that can’t be the problem

  • Nadine Melger
    Nadine Melger


  • Cathy Simmons
    Cathy Simmons

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  • Illham Khan
    Illham Khan

    I think these two are probably the most annoying people on the internet.

  • Bunny Bunny
    Bunny Bunny

    11:57 was the best

  • Frankie99456

    they did it because they wanted to have $3ks

  • Nick Martinez
    Nick Martinez

    Oh my gosh! Are you all so perfect. Take a look at your own selves. As if all the people making these comments have never made a mistake. Get a LIFE! Stop living through these young people.

  • Alicia Robadey
    Alicia Robadey

    i miss the high school haley that just had fun and didnt cause any controversy :( tbh i feel like she grew up so fast and rushed into things so fast that she made a lot of mistakes along the way, but i hope she does better in the future

  • Darth Mol
    Darth Mol

    I don’t know who she is but she sure is cute!

  • Rodalyn Dalmacio
    Rodalyn Dalmacio

    Anyone here after they’re married

  • Ghinwa

    Oh my God these comments are full of people who are also "preaching" like we all make mistakes no matter how big they are , they appologized and its their Life , I can't imagine how much kindness we still need in this world stop judging them stop judging each other, and Ryan and Haley its okay guys it happened and u learned and I'm sure you are great kind humans no matter what stay strong. P.s: let them see this comment we need some kindness yall.

  • Kyndall Imani
    Kyndall Imani

    I think both of you need time to seriously reflect on everything you’ve both done over the years and not post for a hot minute. It seems like you post “apology videos” every couple of months and say how much you want to grow and change, then go back to immediately doing what you were before. Just take time and reflect without having a camera and grow and learn from your mistakes seriously


    Can we talk about the fact that they are making an apology video about their wedding and trying to take accountability. They realized now that they were in the wrong but they were not the only ones, right? All of the guests there (including other influencers) could've decided for themselves to come to wedding or not. I know that this wedding was not considerate at all considering the times the world is in now but they are young too and can make mistakes too. It's already been 5 months and they've obviously learned and groomed from this situation!

  • Veda Craig
    Veda Craig

    I pray over your marriage and I hope you are able to continually grow together. Please know that your ceremony, while it may have been a wrong decision, should still be sacred and I hope you eventually are able to share it with us peacefully

  • Lilly 110
    Lilly 110

    You screwed up. People are mad, I was upset you did that but you realize what you did. The Lord forgives. Being mad is okay but I'd rather not live with hate and spite. I still love Haley and Ryan.

  • October Sky
    October Sky

    People were dying.... but glad y’all had a nice wedding, or whatever.

  • Serena Casa
    Serena Casa

    its not your fault you guys wanted to get married and you did good for you, you guys deserve the wedding

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    Wikifer dot com

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  • X Æ A-Xii
    X Æ A-Xii

    No one: Typos: g i r l y p o o p s

  • Emily Bitangcol
    Emily Bitangcol

    I don’t think it matters they can live their lives they shouldn’t have to have a consequence

  • Josh Denney
    Josh Denney

    This is kinda crazy that they had to apologize for this..

  • Iman rose
    Iman rose


  • Caroline Margaret
    Caroline Margaret

    yall should post a Q and A so we can see some footage 🥲

  • Sierra Skye
    Sierra Skye

    Damn her entire RSloft career y’all ALWAYS have something bad to say about this girl. Remember you don’t actually know these people because they chose to share a 15 minute video with you, so all of your assumptions and opinions are invalid and unnecessary. Keep it to yourself or make your own RSloft channel.

  • Hannah Barrera
    Hannah Barrera

    you are just apologizing because you got CAUGHT. you’re not actually sorry for endangering the lives of healthcare workers and at-risk citizens. you’re apologizing because your careers are on the line.

  • Lily Marie
    Lily Marie

    honestly if no one was sick and everyone was tested beforehand i don’t see the problem

  • Heidi Schwendinger
    Heidi Schwendinger

    Idc it was your freaking wedding

  • Malyna Skafidas
    Malyna Skafidas

    Can someone please tell me what happened because I left when Ryan proposed so I don’t know what happened

  • Zoë A
    Zoë A

    It seems like you rushed because you wanted to do the deed... sorry that’s what it seems like after watching this.

  • Daniela L
    Daniela L

    Okay but now we wanna see the pics

  • Sarah Wyatt
    Sarah Wyatt

    stop blaming them for things you can’t go to, that’s not their fault they can make their own decisions

  • Lelu J.
    Lelu J.

    I understand where you guys are coming from. Things happen. People are imperfect. I’m happy you guys are married tho. You both love each other so much and I’m happy for you! You guys will grow so much together! Love you guys

    • Lelu J.
      Lelu J.

      @Haley Pham