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The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • Megan Bowling
    Megan Bowling

    ooh girl i cry before during and after my period. and then also durning ovulation sooo there isn’t a time when i’m not overly emotional. also generalized anxiety on top of that

  • Ariana Lin
    Ariana Lin

    It's concerning that they can't make cookies with a literal cookie mix.

  • Lucy Tindall
    Lucy Tindall

    cap10k is coming i think. you could train for that

  • Lucy Tindall
    Lucy Tindall

    cap10k is coming i think you could train for that

  • cake pop
    cake pop

    our washer and dryer used to be like that. we just took one of the doors off and switched it to the other side

  • foodstarz1

    HALEY! I have the same problem with my wash and dryer. I understand the struggles. It may look like a minor inconvenience but it’s so annoying!!! Unlike mine, yours seems to be the same make and model. I do see a sliver of hope you can look up the brand and see if the doors themselves can be switched and have a handyman do it. I know you can’t switch the placement of the machines themselves. But It can just be as simple as unscrewing and rescrewing the hardware between the two doors. You should check it out. Anything to make laundry easy will motivate one to get it done. Which is why I also have piles of clothes all over my room as well. :)


    omg so in fourth grade this teacher made me stand up in front of the whole class bc i was saying "sphere" wrong and she made me stand there for a good 10 minutes to say it right. i don't understand why the fact that i was saying it as "spear" was so crucial for my teacher to humiliate me in front of the entire class for a quarter of the class period.


    no it's not just u i literally cry over the stupidest things every time i'm about to get my period

  • Lillie Wilkins
    Lillie Wilkins

    “not judgin. i’m thinking about eating pineapple? before bed?”

  • Lillie Wilkins
    Lillie Wilkins

    this entire video is my entire life. all the stuff going wrong. all the awkward moments. i love you🥰

  • Bianca Kairuz
    Bianca Kairuz

    a good dramatic cry over something random is my only sign that I'm getting my period lol... and I still forget every month and it hits me two days later when I start bleeding

  • Lea Schrage
    Lea Schrage

    You don't have to apologize for being "dramatic" over the confrontation. I love how real you are. Makes me feel like I'm not alone ❤️

  • Abbigail Rogers
    Abbigail Rogers

    More videos like this plsss

  • Abbigail Rogers
    Abbigail Rogers

    Thank you for being so relatable 💓

  • Abbigail Rogers
    Abbigail Rogers

    You dont need to explain your self this much over the interaction you had. I cry all the time about things like this. Your normal. Your okay. We love u

  • katherine agile
    katherine agile

    embarrassing crying? oh girl, i once stand up to my classmate who was bullying my other classmate and then we had a lil fight so, our teacher told us to come one by one and explain what was it about, and when i came, my voice was shaking and i started to tear up, and it all happened in front of a younger class. I thought they despised me to the core, and they propably did, so... high5

  • Jett Hilton
    Jett Hilton

    excuse for your marriage?? youtube doesnt control that its legit your lives

  • Tim

    Now first time i see a 2m+ subs accually reads the comments 🤩

  • Jefferson 2009
    Jefferson 2009

    Don't be cry it ok if you cry but other day you get better

  • Kaitlin Lewis
    Kaitlin Lewis

    one time I was driving and listening to billie eilish live, and started balling

  • L E N A
    L E N A

    Where did she move?

  • Martha

    you literally do not have to justify you crying over something that you don’t think is normal crying over. Even if it wasnt bc of your period, it happens to all of us ahhagsgags sometimes it’s just crying over unnecessary things. But 4 realz tho: that thing was no mocha, it’s your friggin right to get what u paid for 😂

  • LA Adams
    LA Adams

    My panic attacks were triggered by the same reason as yours and it's been haunting me for years and affecting my ability to have confidence in job interviews. And also the feeling that when you don't know something or you are not well informed with a certain topic and there's a bunch of people looking and listening and you're afraid you might seem to look like you're dumb and lazy. I also am constantly feeling suffocated being in crowded places. I don't really like people seeing me alone in public also. And that's just sad. But hey, we can get through this. This is not related but I just wanted to point out the scene where you said you wanted to go on a run and then it zoomed in and you can see spock paused at the right time and he's like like "a what now?" HAHAHAH that is so funny.

  • Dana

    I totaly feel you on that coffee situation and I think I wouldn´t even have gone back inside tbh. and I actually remember the storry of your first panic-attac. love you girl, don´t stress to much <3

  • Luna Appeltans
    Luna Appeltans

    What planner do you use?

  • Sophia Pierschbacher
    Sophia Pierschbacher

    it wasn't "Reckless" or "unkind" ! It's your choice, and u did nothing wrong. NO one died. Stop falling for this PLANDEMIC garbage. ur kidding

  • Katrina Genova
    Katrina Genova

    I feel really bad about you crying but at the same time I'm laughing my butt off because this is so relatable. I think I simply would've left with the drink even though it's not the right one. I never have to courage to correct people who get my order wrong. I just eat it/ drink it while choking on my own tears xD

  • Astrid Olgerfelt
    Astrid Olgerfelt

    i think it so refereshing that you keept the crying and the messy backgrund in, thats how life is you know. and girl we all cry our eyeballs out from small things before our period, its not dramatic its relatable.

  • yogiessex london
    yogiessex london

    This was my first video of yours I ever watched 😂

  • Wxyz Zyxw
    Wxyz Zyxw

    I can totally relate and i cry most of the times

  • Lasata Shakya
    Lasata Shakya


  • Ainsley Konow
    Ainsley Konow

    girl ur all g about the crying part i was on my period one time and i was making stir fry and then i dropped it and i was so sad and overwhelmed that i just sat on the floor with my spilled stir fry until my brother had to come and make sure i was ok

  • Fio Ehrismann
    Fio Ehrismann

    I feel like maybe you should work at a starbucks or other coffee shop so you can see firsthand how workers view customers. I promise nobody is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you !!!!! take it from someone who used to work at starbucks and was happy to remake drinks constantly 💜💜💜 anxiety and panic attacks are different for everyone and I hope you don’t feel self conscious sharing that because it’s a legitimate valid feeling and sharing can help de-stigmatize it :) ♥️♥️♥️

  • Elise99ashby Ashby
    Elise99ashby Ashby

    I feel you so much on crying about the SMALLEST things right before my period. Last time it was because I didn’t like where my dresser is in my room. I can literally move it but instead I cried lol

  • Briana Chovancek
    Briana Chovancek

    Monday’s are so weird🤣🤣🤣

  • Kayla Rubio
    Kayla Rubio

    Yes Haley I also cry really easily before I get my period

  • Torry Harris
    Torry Harris

    Why did they move?

  • aideen_vb

    good you putted in those clips of your 'tantrums' even tho you think it's bc you'll get your period soon, when I was at my lowest EVERY interaction made me shake, cry, had heart palpitations...all that. So it's important for people to see that small things can get anxious people question why they walked out of bed, so thank you ❤️

  • m E
    m E

    You can get shadow banned on tik tok witch means they don’t put u on the fyp aka me shadow banned and not every one can be famous on tik to, aka me again I have a private one btw I am not trying to hate I love yall

  • Julie

    "I'm not emotional on my period" Me on my period:😭😭😭😭

  • Hannah Carlos
    Hannah Carlos

    dont worry haley! everything you explained was relatable! cause SAME AHAHHA 🤍

  • Emma Langford
    Emma Langford

    omg girl i cry SO easy on my period, yesterday i cried because my boyfriend wanted to sit on a different couch than i did lmao

  • Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    i cry over everything even if it’s not right before my period 😭👹

  • mikko flamiano
    mikko flamiano

    why did you have to explain the mocha thing so much 😭

  • Ava Berghuis
    Ava Berghuis

    We need more blogs with Bella and Lily!! <3

  • Hailey Abecassis
    Hailey Abecassis

    "I don't want this to seem like a Demi Lovato fro yo situation" lmfaooo😂😂😂 frrr what was she on that day??? Love the vulnerability and authenticity in your videos lately! 💚💙💜

  • rochelle rae
    rochelle rae

    girlypop i totally feel you when i get close to my period my mom will be talking to me and i'll start crying for absolutely no reason

  • Paisley Bills
    Paisley Bills

    Girl you were right that does not look like a mocha, it should be a chocolate looking😂

    • Paisley Bills
      Paisley Bills

      I was a barista at starbucks for like 6 months, if a costumer asked me twice about a drink i would have offered to remake it. It’s just common sense and customer care.

  • Aditi D
    Aditi D

    haley, the amount of apologies in this video is not necessary, don't worry babes it's okay, you are 20 don't overthink things let go, you're awesomee

  • emily adams
    emily adams

    Period or expecting 😉

  • RHSmx

    We all know why they got married.....

  • OppositeofHATE7

    Well at least you went in and asked. Some people would've cried and stayed in the car with the wrong drink and gone all the way home feeling terrible.....and put that frustration on themselves or someone else. You should give yourself props for doing it anyway, even if you still felt bad after.

  • Genesus Bellephant
    Genesus Bellephant

    I literally KNEW it, they weren't slick because Haley said she would change her hair after the wedding and as soon as I saw that she did I knew. They started being distant and acting weird, almost guilty and I could see that.They made an active choice to lie. You don't just accidentally have a wedding, it was a choice and every choice they made after that. Them hiding their wedding rings is so wrong because they CHOSE to do take it off EVERYTIME they went on camera, and why? Because they KNEW it was wrong, you wouldn't hide something if it was right and you stood behind the choice you made. It's actually kind of sad because every time they think of their wedding they're going to think of the wrong choice they made and it will just be negative. I just don't understand what they were thinking, they made a whole video on their engagement, planned a wedding series, and made everything before it SO PUBLIC, then HIDE THE ACTUAL WEDDING!? Did they think we wouldn't ask questions or notice anything? Honestly, I'm just confused and disappointed. :(

  • Rachel Gutierrez
    Rachel Gutierrez

    Dude ugh i had dunkin messed up my order then went to starbucks and messed up my order also omg i was livid that day so trust me you crying I FEEELSSS

  • Brylie Butler
    Brylie Butler

    Girl I cry easily any time of the month. I totally understand your situation😂💕

  • Hannah Doellinger
    Hannah Doellinger

    i’m fine with authority confrontation, but i get sooo scared around peers, i always feel like i’m being judged then people call me out for being “too quiet” and now i hate myself✌️

  • Izah Montebon
    Izah Montebon

    You can definitely switch the doors so that they are opening the opposite way! It should just be a couple of bolts. ❤️

  • Kelsey Cardwell
    Kelsey Cardwell

    only a few minutes in but i love that she only has one earring in update: a few clips later & she has still only one earring so in conclusion you do you boo

  • heyletslife

    your voice matters. You’re allowed to take up space, you’re meant to, and you deserve to.

  • beezy

    what helps me with confrontation is thinking about how i would react, if someone did the same thing to me.

  • Megan Salazar
    Megan Salazar

    I've had those feelings with confrontation before. I admire that you even work on it and that was just one time 😊

  • m E
    m E

    Not me thinking that she was gonna wax her head at the start

  • Lindsey Lee
    Lindsey Lee

    i cry at basically any level of conflict or confrontation but ESPECIALLY the authority thing, like completely unrelated to my period, thats just how i react lmao.

  • Stephanie Ceballos
    Stephanie Ceballos

    aw hailey, baristas should always try to fix your drink even if you don’t like it. You should just ask them nicely if they could remake it and they will with no problem!

  • kylie

    coming back to the video that i discovered them by ! 😍

  • Caroline Thies
    Caroline Thies

    Ahh you should do a video where you recreate/follow along with your high school stretching video :)

  • christine hasnolastname
    christine hasnolastname

    pour your burdens unto Christ:)

  • Avery

    spock popping into the camera was the cutest

  • Stars, and such
    Stars, and such

    I get through confrontation by remembering FOUR KEY THINGS: 1. I’m not doing anything actually wrong, I can’t possibly get in trouble 2. If someone’s judging me, that’s rude. Ignored 3. As a former cashier, i forget customers faces as soon as they turn around. Nobody will remember me 4. Act confident and you’ll look confident bby!!!

  • Madelyn Marsh
    Madelyn Marsh

    Kinda sad how much Haley feels the need to justify her being upset, cancel culture really sucks for good hearted people who just made a mistake

  • Carter Tate
    Carter Tate

    that mocha meltdown may be the most relatable thing i've seen ever on the internet

  • Raissa Albuquerque
    Raissa Albuquerque

    i feel you haley, i'm sure i'd cry too if i were in that situation

  • Aimee Hernandez
    Aimee Hernandez

    when i'm going to get my period i always know it's coming cause i cry and laugh at the same time 😹

  • Stars, and such
    Stars, and such

    Homegirl, sometimes its just a million little things that pile up without you noticing. And a weird mocha is just the stick that broke the camel’s back!! It was a valid cry and I feel for you 🤍

  • Erika Kontur
    Erika Kontur

    okay but are you ever going to post anything ab your wedding ?? it’s been like 6 months

  • Ciara

    You can switch the actual doors on the washing/dryer machines most likely

  • livie nicole
    livie nicole

    confrontation destroys me. I had to work up the courage for MONTHS to put in my two weeks at my job. It’s rough but so many people experience that anxiety too! it’s okay bby

  • Mon On
    Mon On

    Wait can someone tell me why they now live in an apartment instead of their house?? So confused

    • Jordyn Grace
      Jordyn Grace

      from her wording it sounded like it was impulsive cuz she said the day after they posted a listing to see if it would sell it did? but i don’t remember why they did😭😭

  • Ruju P
    Ruju P

    Chaotic videos are actually better !😎🤷‍♀️❤️🤣