Haley Pham

Haley Pham
Haley Pham

The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • Katie Roberts
    Katie Roberts

    Please bring back the podcast 🥺

  • Saylor Greer
    Saylor Greer

    try using pfb vanish!! changed the game for me! you can find it on amazon

  • Morgan MacKenzie
    Morgan MacKenzie

    Who’s here from when she first started this series🙂

  • Emily Inoue
    Emily Inoue

    Idk why but when you walked in with your new outfit you gave me Chloe ting vibes lol

  • Emily Inoue
    Emily Inoue

    Omg your hair is so cute 🥰 it looks super healthy too! How do you keep your dyed hair healthy? Cause that’s been like the reason I’m scared to have mine dyed.

  • sydney2v

    you look so good haley!

  • Jessica Meza
    Jessica Meza

    I wax now, which is really not bad after getting over the initial nerves of tearing the hair out, but when I would shave, I had an electric trimmer that I would use to get the hair as short as possible without touching my skin with a razor, then there's less for it to fight against. Then I would use the razor as little as possible, because too much causes irritation, so I would go against the grain and just one pass really would do it since it was trimmed down so close, and no bumps :) you shouldn't only exfoliate when it's time to shave though, definitely keep it up for at least a couple days after since the hair starts growing back immediately and it helps to not get any ingrowns :))

  • ᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇs
    ᴍꜱᴠᴇɢÁ ᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇs

    Mines always smooth but I use to struggle wif that and that shii was annoying😭😭

  • Yankee Delta20
    Yankee Delta20

    Haley: its soooo nice Me a car guy: wel yeah its an audi

  • L E
    L E

    Buy "Bikini Zone". The key is salicylic acid after shaving. You're welcome.

  • Sepn

    Also my friend uses aloa oil or baby oil and cream

  • Sepn

    I thought she wasn’t going to keep this series going

  • Isa

    it seems like a lot of people missed the part where hayley's mom said her parents worked out his infidelity.

  • soph lanee
    soph lanee

    gusta is not the only one! georgie henley was one of the first to show this style in her clothing, random mood board posts, her antique jewelry, and in her apartment. she has been supporting small businesses that make these kind of items for like two years now.

  • Sky Selly
    Sky Selly

    I live for the voice effects lmao

  • Shota Aizawa
    Shota Aizawa

    Please do more thrifting hauls because these shops are really bad to buy from

  • Claire Bryan
    Claire Bryan

    Literally love this series tho. Pls never stop

  • AnaAnisia

    I'm both Cuban & Italian, so my hair down "there" is very thick! The one razor I swear by is a "5 blade Gilette Men's Razor" you can purchase them at CVS or Target. it gets super close and the oil I use after my shower is "rejuvenique oil" from "Modern Nature" I have very sensitive skin and that's an all vegan brand. I'm also an esthetician, so I know a few tricks

  • TPMI

    Did anyone else just want to put her hair up for her, haha

  • certified sapphic
    certified sapphic

    bye why was i subscribed to this racist homophobe

  • Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault
    Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault

    I’ve been using these razors for a few years now and I’ve never gone back! They have them on Amazon and at a lot of low impact small shops (I recommend buying local) they are much much much cheaper! Mine was only about $15 and came with over 80 blades! The blades last a long time too!!

    • Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault
      Eilidhjossette Stewart-arsenault

      The more you use them the less you nic yourself you definitely have to get used to using them but once you do trust me it’s worth it!

  • Emma houghtaling
    Emma houghtaling

    Girl I have the bikini shave hack for youuu!! I used to get razor burn and it runs in my family. So you soften the hair then use olive oil like from the kitchen. And get a new razor and shave!

  • Hailie Provost
    Hailie Provost

    Since I’ve started following this series there is one thing I’ve always wanted to know I’ve seen many RSloftrs use it but some times I’m not sure if they are telling the truth since it ends up being a sponser there’s this think called kenzzi which is like a ipl hair removal that many claim makes you not have razor bumps. I’m wondering if maybe you could review it for this series but then again it is pretty expensive. I don’t know if it will work but from the youtubers I watched they all say it does so I feel like it would definitely be something interesting to look into

  • Alyssa Bearden
    Alyssa Bearden

    You look so different 🥲

  • Justine Gagnon
    Justine Gagnon

    Try again with a real safety razor please! 😭

  • XxSAGExX OwO
    XxSAGExX OwO

    Spock:Who Are You Talking To Mama

  • Emma Kusick
    Emma Kusick

    If you use anabiotic ointment after you shave it helps prevent razor bumps!

  • Nadine Greer
    Nadine Greer

    something that helped me shave is putting a thick layer of vaseline on the area immediately after. i have noticed there is significantly less irritation, it’s magical!!

  • Mariana Saldanha
    Mariana Saldanha

    Girlie just get laser hair removal, you won't get another ingrown in your life

  • Eternally Evolving
    Eternally Evolving

    Let me ask you, do you shave downstairs everyday? or every couple days even?? If so, that MIGHT be your issue. If I shave twice within even 3 days I will get razor bumps, or if I use shaving cream I’ll get razor bumps. I suggest shaving twice a week to avoid razor burns and use either a men’s body wash or dandruff shampoo to shave with! I also exfoliate with a homemade exfoliater before! just some things that work for me personally, hope it helps! 🖤

  • Siena Russello
    Siena Russello

    Wait! IM SO CONFUSED. did they break up!??

  • Nishinoya ‘Yu
    Nishinoya ‘Yu

    Not the owa owa dog💀💀

  • frede uwu
    frede uwu

    Ok for all girls/women out there: shave or don’t shave, either way, it’s your choice and you should do what makes you comfortable in your own skin. As long as you keep everything clean, hairy or not, everything is ok. We’re women, we’re expected to grow pubes when puberty hits, just like men. Love yourself ladies:)

  • Jocelyn Byers
    Jocelyn Byers

    her lash is bothering me 🙂

  • Chelsy Lynn
    Chelsy Lynn

    Buy a kenzzi and stop shaving! Lol I love these videos but shaving in general you will ALWAYS get ingrown hairs. You can shave with the hair so down instead of up. I use laser hair removal now so I don't shave unless I need to do a treatment. A kenzzi lasts 10 years and it's almost the same price as this razor and you will get less hair. You exfoliate then shave then laser. Use a code too! I got mine from Alanna albucchi? Here on RSloft I botched her name.

  • High InTheSkyz
    High InTheSkyz

    Boys watching like 👁👄👁

  • Lara Galea
    Lara Galea

    try billie razors!

  • megs

    11:47 hair tutorial????

  • Julissa Guerrero
    Julissa Guerrero

    i dont think she knows why it is so cheap oof

  • Gianna Puopolo
    Gianna Puopolo

    Try sugar waxing!!!

  • Alyssa Lajoie
    Alyssa Lajoie

    Girl.... lazer treatment... let me just say --> Life. Saver. Is it painfull? Yes, yes it is. Do i enjoy beeing bikini ready all day everyday? Yes, yes i do ;) You can do it before you get pregnant, it's just because since hair growth is hormonal, when your hormones change during pregnancy, you might see a small regrowth. However, for me thats in like 10 years (or so), so why not have 10 years of pure joy of being hairless? ;)

  • Brooke Border
    Brooke Border

    You should try shave with v or flamingo. The flamingo one works well for me but I’m curious to see about the other one

  • Lgcm Lllm
    Lgcm Lllm

    You should do laser

  • Aniya Bailey
    Aniya Bailey

    omgg. i haven’t been here in so long. i missed you ☹️

  • Ruqayyah Mohammed
    Ruqayyah Mohammed

    YOU NEED TO USE TEND SKIN FOR INGROWNS!! My waxing lady lives and breaths that stuff and it 100% WORKS. Use a day after you shave or wax every day (or every day you remember lol).

  • OkTinaa

    "a famous instagram girl" **literally em rata**

  • Alexis Hayward
    Alexis Hayward

    this series was how i found you lol

  • Makenna Gaddis
    Makenna Gaddis

    I knew you were waisian(white asian) the first video. Also you pull the tats off so so well, you’re so gorgeous!

  • tovacraig


  • Zehra

    tell me why i saw ur reaction under the tiktok of a girl today, n ur video was in my recommendations today omg

  • Gaia Melki
    Gaia Melki

    The ending was so weird wtf ??

  • wiki juliette
    wiki juliette

    omg i forgot about this girl

  • poca k
    poca k

    Why don't you get a laser hair removal done

  • Toni Gunderson
    Toni Gunderson

    TEA TREE OIL you can get a bottle from Amazon for 10 dollars. If you put it on after shaving it helps with irritation raver burn and bumps. Also helps with discoloration.

  • izzy alice
    izzy alice

    girl have u just tried shaving under running water? that's what I do n I have no razor bumps n it doesn't grow back itchy

  • Leah Whelan
    Leah Whelan

    You are a queen

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    Omggg I had to have 38 needles all over my body once a week for like 8 weeks to try and sort out my raynauds syndrome....it didn’t work 😑I was 13 at the time

  • Aubree Lee
    Aubree Lee

    the 5 dollar walmart brand green razors, the only razors i trust and never get bumps or rashes

  • Aubrey Williams
    Aubrey Williams

    I used to get allergy shots everyday and honestly they help 💜✨

  • Roxy Robinson
    Roxy Robinson

    i love her hair

  • Samantha Madison
    Samantha Madison


  • Strawberrymilkshakeu

    oh what O.O shes asian?

  • Mikaela

    didn't even know you were white-

  • B Kim
    B Kim


  • elle mariea
    elle mariea

    Minimum wages are where its @ 😘

  • Sarah Bromley
    Sarah Bromley

    you look amazing so toned and fit!🤩

  • shea ellis
    shea ellis

    Omg haley looks so little!

  • Dilek Nuray
    Dilek Nuray

    Pls try sugar waxing! It’s amazing!

  • Sydney Wurtz
    Sydney Wurtz

    yee yee brother

  • fatima shishtari
    fatima shishtari

    What kind of paint did you use

  • Rebeca CA
    Rebeca CA

    Just buy a Laser for doing it at home, that will solve the whole issue after a couple of months

  • Wim Claes
    Wim Claes

    Where are those green shoes from? xx

  • laura _norway
    laura _norway

    The one she had on the video is so much better!!!

  • laura _norway
    laura _norway

    There are so many more cheaper eco friendly razors, you do not have to spend 85$!!!!😭😭

  • Ada Alexandra
    Ada Alexandra

    Eminem has left the chat

  • Sarah McDowell
    Sarah McDowell

    what if you transformed into a scene kid next?? omg

  • Honeybee 17
    Honeybee 17

    Try the 100% weighted metal razor. The brand is called Shave With V. The design of the razor is suppose to prevent razor bumps

  • Sarah McDowell
    Sarah McDowell

    I love this look!!! you nailed it haley and the contacts looked dopeee

  • chloeee

    i use a men’s razor and baby oil and it works for me. idk if it’s safe but i do it :/

  • wif8y

    sugar wax should work really well according to people who’ve actually done it