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The typical Haley Pham video being car vlogs, fashion, challenges, baking, beauty guru videos, girls hacks, hauls, and other nonsense!

  • G Vlogs
    G Vlogs

    This is nice house but they didn’t do the renovations them self... I was ready to see how to do all this stuff not just before and after

  • Lily Clark
    Lily Clark

    how did we go from nothing to a fully renovated house in the span of one episode? please explainnn

  • Nevaeh Esque
    Nevaeh Esque

    i love it so beautiful

  • Maizie Clement
    Maizie Clement

    I don't think anyone was expecting you guys to do ALL of the renovations or anything but were expecting at least some contributions (painting, tearing down some walls, etc.) I think you just made it seem like this series was going to be something different than it actually was. I think since you didn't actually help with the renovations you could have filmed more of the decision process (show how you came to the conclusion for certain tiles, colours, what you wanted from a room before it was complete.) All of that being said I think you did a great job with the house but really dropped the ball on the execution.

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen Marshall


  • Taylor Durst
    Taylor Durst

    So cute!! Excited for the decorating vids

  • Amanda

    I see the home was owned by a Church for most of 2020. Did you guys renovate this for the church? Or with the church. If so would like to learn more about how y’all acted is “investor” or how did all that work

  • R. Coppola
    R. Coppola

    I’m sure the neighborhood thanks you for this

  • lex

    you're contributing to the system that pushes people into homelessness

    • thatonebean ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      thatonebean ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      ?? Wtf? Explain pls?

    • Hailey Abecassis
      Hailey Abecassis

      What do you even mean? Tf?

  • Dairechea Muggli
    Dairechea Muggli

    looove it!!!!1 <3

  • imnotaimee

    girl i can't WAIT to stay here eventually

  • JOY Yoo
    JOY Yoo

    this episode was really good haley!!

  • tysie rucker
    tysie rucker

    They did so good!

  • boopy

    the house is beautiful, but this series would have been so SO much more interesting and fun to watch if you two were actually the ones DIYing the renovations.

    • HeyHeyHeyyy

      Do you even have any idea how difficult that is for 2 beginners who have never done that before? It's not just painting walls fam

  • itsjuliabeth

    for everyone talking about the issues going on right now, stop. she’s her own person and she will address it when she wants, i feel like i see comments about it on all her videos and i get that but i’m sure she’s noticed by now. and the house is so cute 💓

    • HeyHeyHeyyy

      @Hailey Abecassis yall disgust me fr fr

    • thatonebean ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      thatonebean ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Wait im confused what happened :(

    • Hailey Abecassis
      Hailey Abecassis

      Okayyyy, but if she's noticed, why isn't she addressing it. I understand that youtubers don't have to share all of their lives and personal details with us just because they're an influencer, but Haley has become really disingenuous, and a lot of her fans are sick of it.

  • tizia c.
    tizia c.

    i was never more excited to watch a video!!!

  • hailey cheers
    hailey cheers

    we aint forget lol

  • Audrey Rosenbaum
    Audrey Rosenbaum

    I’d buy it!

  • Kamari Smith
    Kamari Smith

    I love watching your channel, but now I feel like such an outsider because I don’t even know what’s going on anymore

  • Jordan Countryman
    Jordan Countryman

    Wait is this her house I thought she already has one

    • Hailey Abecassis
      Hailey Abecassis

      Dude it's called house flipping, they're turning it into an air bnb

  • Sarah Renee
    Sarah Renee

    I’m sorry but I feel like all of this “series” episodes could’ve been compiled into an hour long video given the way the series turned out. I give them credit for trying something new but hopefully next time they will do better with filming and editing this. All of this was a lil weird and not cohesive. It’s not like they haven’t filmed and edited a series before, so I’m a little lost on why they dropped the ball here.

    • Valentinuuu

      my thoughts exactly

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen Marshall

    love you haley you’re my fave 😙😙

  • grace

    its so beautiful and simple you guys did awesome

  • **PineapplePrincess **
    **PineapplePrincess **

    The next Joanna Gaines!! ❤️😘 the house looks beautiful!!

  • Norah Kelly
    Norah Kelly

    HAYLEY!!!! it looks so goodddd!

  • Gundo Nemathithi
    Gundo Nemathithi

    Honestly feel like I was not apart of this process...but I’m happy for you

  • Ani Poki
    Ani Poki

    Im a simp for the house- Ptffff i wheezed

  • Kendall Cason
    Kendall Cason

    I cannot with how gorgeous this house is 😌

  • Claire Johnes
    Claire Johnes

    why was ryan not in this video? when they started this project, i got the impression they wanted to do it together??

    • oh bruh
      oh bruh

      girl hes literally filming LOLLLL but also even if he isn't they are different people</3 and still have different lifes too so he could've been busy or something. he was in the other videos - so like AHAHA give them a break ma'am</3

    • Anais Meylan
      Anais Meylan

      they did do it together! i think ryan was maybe filming haley or something like that

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf

      They probably worked on the house together but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to be in every video. It’s possible he was just busy and didn’t want to go down to the house 😂

  • Tay & Lexi
    Tay & Lexi

    Personally wish we could have seen more of the floors being restored, and walls being painted and fixtures and details being chosen and placed and not just a before and after 🤷🏻‍♀️ really beautiful house though!

  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith

    Everytime she says “blue color” all I see is black.. am I color blind 👁👄👁

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf

      I mean it’s like a grey blue so maybe it just isn’t as clear to some people idk

    • Molly Schaff
      Molly Schaff

      it reminds me of blue the way people say a cat or dog is blue

    • Khánh Linh
      Khánh Linh

      i see black greyish blue lol

    • Meritt Reynolds
      Meritt Reynolds

      No I think it’s a charcoal grey color with a blue tint to it. Idk why Haley was saying it’s blue but I think it’s maybe bc of color editing on the vid

  • Kame'ko Akans
    Kame'ko Akans

    This was a great find!!! It had so many treasures and I’m so glad you guys kept them!

  • d fernandez
    d fernandez

    That shade of blue looks dark and depressing 😂😞 The mirror in the Sunday house is nice 👍 ILYSMB 😘💨💞

  • Isabella Bianca
    Isabella Bianca

    crazy to see how much white paint can brighten up a room

  • Prayer Warrior
    Prayer Warrior

    Thou-eth? Lol

  • zobe lobe
    zobe lobe

    This needs to be on HTV as a mini show

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf

    I’m glad you took feedback. The video and Reno is great!

  • McKenzie G
    McKenzie G

    Please ignore the haters on thus series I love this series!😁 congratulations on your journey!! This series is how I found your channel and I have binge watched since then!!! Have a great weekend!! Good luck in the house !! Can't wait to see the final product! You should be proud you've worked so hard for this!!! And you habe helped your mom you deserve this!!🤗

  • shannon bishop
    shannon bishop

    we haven't forgotten haley. you need to address so much stuff.

    • SongsOfSongs

      @abigail belt yea she doesn’t have to show it or record it but it’s weird how she made a ton of videos talking about but they never mention that they are husband and wife

    • abigail belt
      abigail belt

      she doesn’t have to address anything. it’s her life and she chose to keep it private.

    • oh bruh
      oh bruh

      girl what

    • stefania


    • Harrie Styles
      Harrie Styles


  • Rubi Vargas
    Rubi Vargas

    Hi Haley

  • Sydni Rios
    Sydni Rios

    7:21 the camera is so dirty

    • nina

      yeah it's dirty throughout it, but you don't really notice it until it's a white background and when you point it out

  • nm

    The house looks great, but the documentation of this process has felt really disjointed... Like Ryan basically led the last video and he’s nowhere to be found in this one? And there’s like 5 second clips of selecting the details for the house, which I’d guess is what people were mostly interested in seeing? I appreciate the effort of branching into something new like house renovation, but I guess I’m confused.

    • nm

      @Winter Wolf just providing some constructive criticism to help them improve on future house renovation videos (assuming they’ll be continuing down this path)

    • Hailey Abecassis
      Hailey Abecassis

      @Winter Wolf but this isn't their first youtube video. They both have made great videos on their channel where they are trying out something new for the first time, and those videos have way more cohesion than this entire series.

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf

      This is their first time doing this. There’s a lot of reasons why this could be disjointed. If they do this again, I’ll bet they’ll get the hang of what they want to do.

  • shannon bishop
    shannon bishop

    Idk about y'all but doesn't it feel like she's ignoring all her comments and feedback, as well as the backlash and the loss of followers she's gotten due to lying to her fans? Like it really doesn't sit right with me.

    • Elli Neb
      Elli Neb

      What did she lie about?

    • abigail belt
      abigail belt

      she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. this is exactly why she chose to keep things private, because people like you feel the need to hate on everything she does. it’s her life and she can do what she wants with it. also, she’s not lying to us about anything, she chose to keep things private and that’s ok, that’s her decision. and obviously she’s trying to ignore the hate and backlash, if she focused on it, her mental health would be bad. put yourself in her shoes, if thousands of people were hating on you over something that they have no business in, you would want to ignore it and keep your head up as well. just because she’s an “influencer” doesn’t mean she is obligated to show us everything that goes on in her life. she chose to keep it private and just because you don’t like that or agree with it, doesn’t mean you can’t respect it.

    • Aniah

      Someone tell me what happened

    • Morgan Dormer
      Morgan Dormer

      What happened?

    • Marium Khan
      Marium Khan

      she claims to be mature but doesn’t make the mature decision rn. don’t think she’s gonna be addressing anything

  • Jessica Tedders
    Jessica Tedders


    • Sarah Hicks
      Sarah Hicks

      @Jessica Tedders did u just reply to ur own comment lol

    • Jessica Tedders
      Jessica Tedders

      SOOOO truw

  • Prusha Ali
    Prusha Ali

    I thought this was a scary film and I was kinda bummed when I saw the trailer but when I watched the first and second and third episode I regretted NOTHING

  • Maddi Eyre
    Maddi Eyre

    Yes Hayley!! I'm so glad you listened to the criticisms form the last video, I love this ❤️

  • Astaria V
    Astaria V

    The house is turning out so pretty. I love the color schemes it looks very clean

  • Shay Price
    Shay Price

    yeah the house is nice but why is the lens you used to film this so mf dirty

  • KeelinJade

    this house is so cute. i bet it’s even better in person

  • Sydnee W
    Sydnee W

    It’s so pretty omg I can’t get over it🤩

  • Jodie

    Wow it looks UNREAL !

  • Belia Suarez
    Belia Suarez

    I would love to live here!

  • Jordan Tapp
    Jordan Tapp

    So excited to see the decor!!!!

  • mamma mia vlogs
    mamma mia vlogs

    so proud of y’all!

  • chloe marie
    chloe marie

    what a series!! It’s so amazing to see how far this house has come💕💕💕

  • Sam Elle
    Sam Elle

    your overalls and hairstyle here is beyond adorable!!!

  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz

    The stain on the lens omfg

  • Nala Bagheera
    Nala Bagheera

    Omgggggggg this video is just BOMBBBBBBB! The house is just beautiful in its own way. Love it.

  • Sharon Maraj
    Sharon Maraj


  • Katyayani K
    Katyayani K

    This episode was so much better than the previous one, and I loved how Haley took a lot of initiative her and it looks like it is her video which makes me so happy

  • DOM Y
    DOM Y


  • Jessica Tedders
    Jessica Tedders

    I was literally gonna watch Wanda Vision but then she posted!!!!!

  • Kinze Jaeger
    Kinze Jaeger

    You did so good Haley! Keep up the great work, sweetie!

  • morgan A
    morgan A

    i’m so happy to see you growing like what you were just a freshmen when i found your channel and now you’re a WHOLE ADULT 💞

  • hope kathryn
    hope kathryn

    haley is gorgeous, no doubt about it! also, this series was so fun! so chip and joanna gaines!

  • Mateo Ugarte
    Mateo Ugarte


  • Annabel McAleer
    Annabel McAleer

    I love ur hairstyle 0:02 Ps ilysm haley😘

  • Jenny Cumba
    Jenny Cumba


  • Hayley Becker
    Hayley Becker

    this house is literally so beautiful

  • Reese Walker
    Reese Walker

    OMG! Everything looks so good, loving the fireplace.

  • Siilen E
    Siilen E


  • Kacey lynn
    Kacey lynn

    New drinking game: how many times Haley says shiplap

  • Dana Lapsley
    Dana Lapsley

    Ahhh! I will patiently be awaiting your decorating video! So far everything is so my aesthetic! <3

  • Nicole P.
    Nicole P.

    This series just hasn’t seemed very cohesive...

    • no comment
      no comment

      all the people under here upset over criticism 😭

    • Ashitha J
      Ashitha J

      why is everyone upset with your comment? she's not hating y'all. its just constructive criticism. learn the difference

    • Winter Wolf
      Winter Wolf

      It’s their first time doing this kind of thing; I’m sure they’ll figure out things if they decide to do something like this again. Also idk why everyone is getting upset about your comment. You’re not being rude lol 😂. It’s just feedback

    • McKenzie G
      McKenzie G

      She worked so hard to get this don't make her feel bad about it. Just keep it to yourself please 😐

    • Sydnee W
      Sydnee W

      Okay you can simply leave it’s not that hard

  • Dara Fernanda
    Dara Fernanda

    The 3 dislikes are from girly pops that wont be able to visit the house🤣

  • A- Series
    A- Series

    umm before the intro starts ..... im a boy so ummmm girly pop?

  • Jessica Tedders
    Jessica Tedders


  • Carryn Gomez
    Carryn Gomez

    One of the first people😘😘😊

  • Carryn Gomez
    Carryn Gomez

    I love your smileee, it's absolutely gorgeous 🥰🥰

  • Bre Dunn
    Bre Dunn